Songs of Freedom and Life

Happy 2017 everyone! I finally have a new (as in, not recycled from the past) list of songs for you all!

Beginnings are wonderful things to me. I’m not much on the middles of life (middles of projects, years, papers, races, and etc.) and endings are OK, but I do love my beginnings. When God set up the space-time continuum and gave us a way to measure the seasons and years (Gen 1:14), he set up a rhythm to our lives here on earth. We can use these rhythms for his glory if we let them speak truth to us (e.g. Lamentations 3:22–23).

To start off this year, I would like to post a playlist about the new life we have in Christ and the freedom that this new life brings. When we took our first spiritual breath, we took that breath as free men and women in Christ. God set us free from the enslaving-power of sin (Romans 6:1–14) and the chains of death which had so-long burdened our hearts were finally broken (1 Corinthians 15:20–23). All of this was made possible when the Holy Spirit raised us from spiritual death to life everlasting (Titus 3:5–7). We are no longer slaves to sin (including foolishness, disobedience, making an idol of this worlds pleasures, meanness, hate, envy, you name it!—Titus 3:3) because we have this Christ-won freedom. As you start the new year, let this part of the gospel be a treasure to you, you do not have to live in slavery and fear, but can start the fight of faith looking forward to the goal and prize of the high-calling you have been given (Phil 3:12). I am alive and I am free. I will try to live this way in 2017 through my beginnings, middles, and endings.

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