Songs for the Suffering (1 & 2)

Back before the untimely demise of Grooveshark  [  :'(  ], we often posted new playlists for you  every Tuesday. We’ve been working to re-create all our playlists on Spotify and we are going to start “re-releasing” those playlists two at a time on Tuesday mornings (perhaps in time for your morning commute.) Thus, you’ll need to sign up for an account on Spotify (and download the mobile app if you want to listen to our music playlists on your phone or tablet) if you want to listen to our music. As we get the playlists reassembled, we will redo our main playlist page so that you can once again have a list of all ones that we’ve created.  And lastly, we’ve decided to leave written what was written on the original blog posts—which I hope it doesn’t confuse you to terribly. In any case, here is the first set of re-releases.

Last week we posted a playlist to help us praise God for his varied attributes and characteristics (ok, that playlist is still in the works…just fyi :-). But knowing God and enjoying him is much more than learning about his attributes, it’s also watching him act in “real life.” This is perhaps most evident in how he acts when his children suffer. God rescues his people from Egypt, he splits the red sea, he slays Goliaths, and, ultimately he’s the one who sent Jesus Christ to rescue all who believe on him from certain death. Be encouraged with us as we consider how God acts when things go wrong.


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