Songs for the Second Coming (1) and Heaven (1)

Here are our playlists for the Second Coming and for Heaven respectively. Hope you enjoy the reworking of these playlists.


Originally published Jan 1, 2013:

As providence would have it, Playlist Tuesday falls on the first day of the year and we wanted this playlist to make sense for Jan 1, 2013. So here’s the rationale:


We’ve just come through a season of remembering Christ’s first coming. He was God’s gift to all of us sinners. There is nothing we could have done to save ourselves and there is still nothing we can do to merit heaven (Eph 2:8–9). So, astonishingly, God decided to give us Christ as a gift of love (John 3:16) so that all we have to do to have our sins forgiven (past, present, and future sins!) is believe that he died for them once instead of us dying for them forever (1 Pet 3:18). Through Christ, we are saved from hell (Rom 5:9) and saved to heaven (John 3:36). That’s right, if we believe in Christ alone, then we have heaven for sure. Come hell or high-water, nothing can separate believers from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:34–39)!


So, all of this got me thinking. Christianity from the very beginning has consisted of saints waiting for the coming of their Savior. A conservative estimate is that humanity had been waiting 6000 years for the first coming of Christ and it’s already been almost 2000 years since Jesus died and rose again to save Liz and me (and you, if you’ve trusted in him). Because of this, it is difficult to remember that we are always a mere twinkling of an eye away from the rapture, his glorious return, and heaven (1 Cor 15:51–55)! What better way to pass the time to his coming (what patience he has! He patiently waits for sinners to stop trusting their own works and trust on his work alone [2 Pet 3:9–10]) than to sing songs of anticipation. Please come quickly Lord Jesus, our only hope and savior (Phil 3:20–21)!!


And now, stepping away from the sublime, I’m kinda tired of people singing “Joy to the World” at Christmas. It’s a song about the Second Coming of Christ. Christmas can’t have it, and I’m doing my part by making sure to include it in this SECOND COMING playlist:-)!



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