Songs for the Guilty (1 & 2)

Originally published in 2012 (can you believe that?) Songs for the Guilty 1 & 2 playlists.

Playlist 1

Hope you are having a good week! And though you may not be struggling with guilt today, these songs can be a wonderful reminder of our standing in Christ. You can see how I feel about the first song on the playlist by visiting  this post. I love remembering that before God I am righteous!

Playlist 2

It’s been awhile since our last playlist for the guilty. If you easily fall into Satan’s trap of false guilt (like I do), these songs are for you.

But today I also wanted to write a little on the topic of shame. Shame refers to those feelings of humiliation and distress that come from being sinners (or that come because of the way others have sinned against you). Whereas guilt is forensic, shame is emotional and real—it lingers and continues to corrode the otherwise guiltless soul. There remains in many of us that dreadful shame for sins of the past—especially the “really bad” sins that we can never remember without mentally cringing. Here is good news: Not only are we set free from guilt, but we also have no cause for shame before God or others because of our sin. I’m not saying that we cannot grieve for the consequences of our sin—sin always causes loss for us and for those we love—however, even as we shrink away from the memory of our sin in disgust (the kind that only guiltless souls have, I might add), the fact remains that after repentance, there is no place for shame. There is no requisite amount of time that we must “feel bad” about our sins. No, all of those things are past. We are new, and we must begin to act righteously in love.  We begin to move forward in faith from whatever place our sin has left us and after any damage it has done. We cannot and must not wallow in despair’s dungeon.

I hope to explore this more later, but for now, please enjoy this playlist and let the truths in each song kindle joy, peace, and unashamed love for God and others.

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