Songs for Suffering (3 & 4)

REPOST: Songs for Suffering 3 & 4


Recently one of my pastors preached a message from the book of James that centered on finding joy in the midst of suffering. He made the point that “counting it all joy” can only be done once we begin to recognize the power of our invisible God.  This reminded me of Songs for Suffering (1) and Songs for Suffering (2). Today, I’m going to post the third installment. May the truths of these songs be a means of expressing patient and resilient faith in our God who is with us through each moment of every day.



You might have been expecting a post on servanthood tonight, but that’s not really going to happen. On Sunday the stomach flu arrived at our house and has decided to linger, curtailing any blog-post writing that we wanted to accomplish. I’m not keeping an official score, but I think right now it stands at 5 to 7 with Brenn solidly in the lead for number of times to have tossed his cookies.  But maybe I shouldn’t complain,  it (said cookies) has only been on me twice, with Liz winning that competition with a good six times or so. I also feel queasy, but I’m not sure if it’s sympathy sickness or for real.

Anyways, adding that to a less than stellar day and it seemed appropriate that tonight’s Playlist Tuesday be on suffering :-)


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