Songs for Praising God (1 & 2)

[Edit: Looks like Spotify doesn’t have the Falls Church’s Album, A Thousand Amens, (*sniff) and so we substituted some songs on this playlist. It’s a sad reality because I’m pretty sure we’ve used all of the songs on that album in one playlist or another. You’ll just have to buy that whole compilation of songs as it’s worth it’s weight in gold (or at least $8.99) in our opinions.]


I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that whenever I  (Paul) post these Tuesday playlists, it’s raining and nasty outside. Tonight it was especially noticeable because I ended up jogging in it.  So. . .how to combat the grayness. . .JUST PRAISIE GOD! (sometimes it’s best to be simple). As you listen to these playlists, take the time to reflect on our great God. Many of the songs specifically highlight his attributes and character: Power, Graciousness, Faithfulness, Gloriousness, Wisdom, and Eternality. This is the God that will bring you through every rainy day.


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