Songs for Christmas (1) Acapella

With so much Christmas music to sort through, we were a little stymied on how we should organize the playlists for this month. We thought we’d begin by sharing the acapella (or mostly acapella) songs that we enjoy. We apologize for the disparity in volume levels between songs—choral recordings are generally miced differently than acapella groups. Just be quick on the volume button and you’ll be okay : )


This Christmas season I challenge you to take time each day to focus your thoughts on the advent of our savior. Remember his coming all through the month, not just the last few days before the 25th. This can be a tough goal to meet. However, I worry that if I forget to center my thinking around the true message of Christmas at the outset, I will be swept away by all the frantically wonderful busyness of the season. With two little boys (and now a baby girl!) watching me each day, I want to make sure that I remember that wonderful season when God became man…for me.


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