Songs About Jesus (5 & 6)


Playlist Tuesday, remastered in high-fidelity! (or not, enjoy!)

Today’s playlist is somewhat low-key and is meant to be so. It is meant to furnish quiet and reflective kindling for intensive (as opposed to explosive) worship. The playlist tells the story of Christ, whose sacred head was wounded on Calvary, the ultimate gory and wonderful display of God’s love for you and me. When we as wretched sinners cling to his blood soaked cross, God awakens love in us, love for him which spills out in love for others. In our clinging, we must give up all of our own righteousness to have and love him. It is only then that we realize that this loving relationship satisfies more than anything in that old life of worthless trinkets and paltry treasures. Please follow along in the story of this “Songs About Jesus” playlist Tuesday, it is your story, and mine.

So friends, I have the 6th playlist of Songs About Jesus (6th?? that’s 60 songs total!). Today I wanted to focus again on the theological story-line of salvation (we should pretty much never get tired of it). The first three songs contain an invitation to come to Jesus for salvation. The next two are meant to limn those invitations with the glory of Jesus’ wonderful love. Then there are two which explain and accept the invitation—for all of us must trust this wonderful gift.  The next two are amazement and praise for the Savior and the final song is a statement of our willingness to sacrifice anything to love him back (after all 1 John 4:19). Don’t worry if you can’t follow all of that. Just enjoy worshiping our gracious, good, and glorious Savior, Jesus Christ.

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