Songs About Jesus (3 & 4)

Recreating some playlists for you!

There are many, many songs written about Jesus. We chose to group the songs in this playlist by their description of one of Jesus’s many roles. His majesty, power and love can be traced through a number of the songs. We hope that they will encourage your heart and remind you of our great savior!

Well, here it is, Tuesday evening again. Hope you all are staying warm! Crazy cold weather out there! Paul is down at Westminster working on his ThM thesis so the playlist duty falls to me this evening. I very much enjoyed listening to many different songs—all of which reflected on Christ and his life, love and sacrifice. I tried to put together a playlist that reviewed both what Jesus accomplished for us and our responses to his outpouring of grace and love. The last hour or so has been a feast to my soul and a welcome respite at the end of the day.

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