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Hi ya’ll. Hope that everyone enjoyed their Labor Day. Ours was very wet. But we enjoyed the time spent with family nonetheless. Now onto the beginning of the school year (Jack started preschool today, so it feels official!)

This week, Liz and I took the time to put the songs in a specific order. We tried to follow the relationship that a believer develops with Christ, beginning with the joy of salvation and ending with praise for his love and grace towards us. At church this past Sunday, we celebrated all the Christ did for us during the Lord’s Supper. During the service, several members gave testimony to Christ’s grace in their lives. (Not a chance of remaining dry-eyed.) With that service in our minds tonight, we’d like to ask you to join us as we continue to praise Jesus with the songs in this playlist.








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There are so many songs that praise and magnify the Lord Jesus. Tonight we thought that we would focus on songs that remind us of his role as savior and redeemer. Last week Paul wrote an excellent post about the blood of Christ. In that post he stated, “As always, let your running be to Christ. And there, let us all be equally awed by the sacrifice of Christ and our righteous status as sons. …Let us offer acceptable—reverential—worship to God (Heb 12:28). Let there be joy and awe over spiritual truths instead of some kind of flippant happiness and faithless emotional goose bumps.” We pray that these song will help you remember the Christ who saved you and redeemed you to himself (Titus 2:11–14).

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