Songs of the Cross (1)


Here are “Songs of the Cross,” now in Spotify.

As I left work this evening, I was met at the door with a torrential downpour. Let me tell you, running through Niagara Falls kind of kills the mood to praise God. I have a cold, I was soaked, I was frustrated that I didn’t get more done, and was somewhat unsettled by a new ministry opportunity that had come my way. My policy on the ride home from work is usually “Drive and Praise” (beats thinking about the traffic). So I loaded up the playlists on my smartphone and came across this one that Liz and I finessed into tonight’s playlist. I was thankful for the powerful truths that continued to pull my wandering mind back to Christ and his work on the cross. So without further ado: Playlist Tuesday.


  • Erin says:

    Could I trouble you to write out the song titles in text (for those of us non-grooveshark users)? :) On my iphone there’s just this big blank spot where I assume other people can see/play the playlist. I would love to find some new faves among yours. :)

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

      Sure Erin! This has been a little frustrating to us too. But right now Paul hasn’t been able to find another music player (that’s the technical term ; ) that works in WordPress. But I will make the list – in fact, I’ll go back and make lists for the rest of the playlists as well.

      And if anyone out there knows of a better player – please let us know!

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