Some Jackisms for you! (To prove that we are still here : )


By supplying you with a page full of hilarious quotes, you do realize that I am just trying to manipulate you into thinking generous thoughts about our lack of summer posts, right? : ) But as I said in the last update, there are good reasons for the silence (mainly, morning (noon and night) sickness for me and the research and writing of a thesis paper for a certain ThM student whom I know and love.) Come September we will be up and running again.

Until then, you can enjoy some wisdom that only a four year-old with a vivid imagination can provide : ) I think that this is the third list (here, here and here are the previous ones) that I’ve published, and would you believe, I have five more pages of these quotes saved in a word document! The child is prolific. Per our normal MO, any quote by Paul is bolded and mine are normal. Enjoy.

Jack just asked me where bacon comes from. I said that it comes from pigs. “Oh! So they share their bacon with us? Right Papa…??” Well…I guess in a manner of speaking, they do. 

God has been featured often in Jack’s comments recently. While eating lunch Jack randomly announced “Mama, I love peanut butter (ok, that wasn’t random because it’s what he was eating)…and wipes…and trains…and God.” (glad to see that God is in good company). Today at dinner I said that Jack couldn’t eat a donut for dinner. He replied “But Mama, God said to eat it! It is in the bible!” I asked where God specifically mentioned donuts in the bible. “Oh, somewhere near the end. He wants us to only eat good things. So, I should eat the donut. Because God said so.”

Today I asked Jack, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Jack: (after some thought) “I would like to have a cough drop store just for boys.” (what? Huh? No idea.) Me “But what about girls who need cough drops?” (more thought) Jack “Ayla can have a cough drop store for girls. And some days we can visit each other. How about that?” 

Jack ran up and informed me that he “helped me.” That made me nervous. I asked how he helped. He said “Oh, I just poured apple juice in it!? Doesn’t that help you mama??” I asked (with trepidation) what “it” was. “That thing!” while pointing at our humidifier. Well, I guess I know why the air was smelling like apples….. But how do I clean apple juice out of a humidifier???

I can overhear Jack talking to Brenn. This is the conversation. “Brenn, do you want to die?” “No!” (everything is “no” right now : ) “Well, dying is not fun. (Pause) Except if it is pretend dying. Like Papa’s video game (Portal, BTW). Then you can die all the time!! Do you want to die? Huh??” “NO!” …. I don’t know how the conversation started. But yeah, Jack’s involvement in video games is severely limited at this point…imagine if he ever saw left for dead. Oh man. Traumatized for life.

Jack: “stupid car!” Me: “Don’t call things ‘stupid’ Jack.” (Pause) Jack: “I didn’t say ‘stupid.’ It was only my mouth. My mouth said ‘stupid.'” Me: “Well, your mouth shouldn’t say ‘stupid’ then.” Jack: “Oh Papa, I know. I tell my mouth not to say ‘stupid’ all the time. But it still does.”

While driving down the road, Jack suddenly yells out “Mama!!! Slow down! Save a life!” (while I recover from the adrenaline rush, I start to realize the down side to Jack’s being able to read…in this case, road signs.)

Having a discussion with Jack about doing what right even when it’s hard (yes, it is on 8:30 and it has been one of those mornings already : P) and I asked the question “Jack, what did Jesus do because it was right even though it was very, very hard?” Pause. Thinking. Then quietly. “Um Mama, I think that maybe he shared his toys with his brother.” (Aw….. : )

While talking about heaven: Jack “What does Jesus do all day?” Discussion ensues and ends with “And Jack, Jesus is building a house for us in heaven!” Pause. Then in a “duh” voice, “Papa, I think is probably finished building by now.”

We’ve started having Jack pray at night. This was last night’s prayer “Dear Jesus. Thank you for dying on the cross and taking all the hurt for our sins.” Pause. (I think “Wow! He is on a roll!) “And….thank you for grass. It is just so wonderful. Amen.”  Well, it was a short roll…and I am glad for grass too : )

While playing with Mr. Potato Head-  Me: “Jack, I’m a mr. Potato-head too.” Pause. Jack: “No Papa, he has a hat!” Me: “I have a hat!” (my military hat) Pause. “But you have pants too.” (Glad he can see the very obvious differences : )

 After hearing Brenn yell I walked into their room and asked “What’s going on, Jack?” Jack: ” Oh mama, we are just playing a game.” Me: “What game?” Jack:”The David and Goliath game. I was David. Brenn was Goliath, sooooooo…” (I can now surmise why Brenn was holding his head and pointing to a nearby block…)

Today in the car I was only half-heartedly interacting with Jack as he rambled on from the back seat. I was startled out of my distraction when Jack asked (quite forcibly) “Mama. Why do you answer all my questions with “Uh Huh?” What does “uh huh” mean, Mama? Why do you say it so much?” Heheheh. By sure your distracted-ness will find you out : )

While eating dinner Jack suddenly became quiet. The rest of us kept talking. He looked up and declared “How can I pray to God and ask him to help me eat my dinner with all you guys talking! (HUGE SIGH) I will never be able to eat my dinner now.”

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