Unfortunately, when Grooveshark met it’s untimely demise, all of our playlists were obliterated. (Sadness!) Thankfully though, there is Spotify. Paul and I are slowly but surely rebuilding our playlists. In order to enjoy them you will need to open a (free) Spotify account.  On this page you’ll see the list of our old playlists and as time goes by you should see more and more of them underlined, indicating a Spotify link. If you have one that you particularly liked, let us know and we will try to fast track its re-release :- ) Hopefully we will get all the Advent ones done before the Christmas season arrives! Working on it!


  • Songs for the Christian Experience (1)

  • Songs for the Christian Experience (2)

  • Song for Commitment (1)

  • Songs of Grace (1)

  • Songs of Grace (2)

  • Songs of Mercy (1)

  • Songs of the Resurrection (1)

  • Songs of the Resurrection (2)

  • Songs of Scripture (1)