My Quiet Husband?

I had a moment of peace today (amazing!) and I took the time to read a new post on one of my favorite blogs. I’m mulling the contents over in my mind, and I decided that I would share the link and see what you all thought about the topic and the conclusions of the writer.


Here is Wendy’s post about quiet husbands. Questions? Comments? Snide remarks? (kidding :) Do any of you have husbands that sounds similar to what Wendy describes? (Or if you are a husband reading this, are you a “quiet husband?”) How has that impacted your marriage? If I come up with anything profound (or mildly interesting) I might write a post about this subject.


Well, hope that you all stay warm and dry tonight! Another storm! Craziness. This picture describes my thoughts on what the rest of my evening should entail. Might not happen, but at least it gives me a warm, cozy feeling anyway : )


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