Monday Morning Jackisms (and a prayer request too : )

Well,  we’ve reach the one week count down for our time in PA and we are booked solid for dinners and even some lunches this whole week! One the one hand, spending time with all our friends and family is wonderful because it is another tangible expression of the good gifts that God has given us. On the other hands, the thought of saying goodbye to all these people is just….sad :'( Part of me just wants the whole week to be over with so that I can stop facing this melancholy fact.


So, if you’d like to pray for our family you can certainly ask God to let the organizing and packing (which is being done for us) go smoothly, you can ask that our final paperwork with the military be completed  in a timely manner, but mostly, you can pray that we all truly enjoy our time with the people that we love. Pray that we resist the temptation to mentally “check out” early but also pray that we don’t become emotionally exhausted and depressed.


Thinking about all this today left me feeling a little down and I really needed something to boost my spirit and make me laugh. It feels a little early (and just a tad irresponsible) to binge watch a season of “Parks and Recreations” so my next line of defense to to read through my “Jackisms” posts : ) Never fails to help. Figured I’d share.


As usual, my interactions will be normal and Paul’s will be bolded.


Brenn woke up on a particularly bad side of the bed after his nap. This was proved when I heard wailing coming from the top of the steps. When I sympathetically asked why he was crying he sobbed, “Please Mama, Please carry me!!” I said I would but but again asked why he was crying, “Because I don’t WANT to walk down the stairs…it’s (sob) so (sob) BORING!” I’m not sure if “boring” was the word he was searching for, but it did make it difficult for me not to laugh as I carried my weepy boy downstairs : )

Ha! I was cleaning up the kitchen and turned around to see Jack systematically licking all the dirty spoons I had collected from breakfast. Noting my startled expression he proudly announced, “I found a new way to clean the spoons without putting them in the dishwasher! Aren’t you excited Mama! You don’t have to wash them now!!”

What I just heard Brenn yelling up the stairs; “Hey! Hey jack! Do you want to come outside and sin with me?! Huh? It will be FUN!!!” (Pause) Jack yells, “Do you mean SWIM, Brenn?” (Pause) Brenn says, “Oh, heheheh, yes Jack. Swim. Will you SWIM with me? (Pause) Cause sinning would NOT be fun, right Jack? Right?” ….. I’m waiting for Jack’s response to that particular question…..

Yesterday Jack announced that he was dubious over his ability to find a girl to marry someday. When I asked why he answered, “well, I want to paint my WHOLE house orange – because it is my favorite color – and I don’t think girls like orange.” : )

Tonight, after getting up after sitting on his knees, Jack announced with dramatic sigh that he had “needles and threads” running all through his legs. Took me a while to figure out what in the world he meant.

Cleaning up our table at Wendy’s and I hear Paul from across the room say, “Jack! Get your head out of the trash can!! Why do I even need to say this?!?!” Ah…you can dress them up, but you can’t take them out

 Jack and Brenn decide that they want to fight each other with their nerf swords. Jack, “I’ll be the hero. You be the villian, Brenn.” Brenn, “NO! I want to be the hero!” Jack, “Brennan, sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do.” Brenn (wailing), “But I don’t WANT to be the bad guy!!!” Jack (sternly), “Brennan, we all have to do things we don’t want sometimes. Tonight you have to be the bad guy.” : )

After a very messy dinner Brenn climbs down out of in chair, looked up at me and asks to play on the ipad. “But are your hands clean?” I ask. “Oh….yes Mama,” he says while nonchalantly wiping his filthy hands across his pants, “buuuuut, I think my pants are dirty.” Nice.

Brenn just came to the top of the steps and dramatically announced (yelled), “mama!! I have BLOOD!! Come see my BLOOD! It is coming of out of my FOOT!” he was so very proud of that tiny scratch, I just couldn’t pretend like it was nothing. He did, however, bring the drama down a notch when I suggested that we go to the hospital immediately so that he could get some stitches. “Um, I think I just need a teeny little band aid….” was his amended plan.

Just had an enlightening conversation with Jack regarding the act of kissing.  Some of his thoughts so far; hugging is done at home, kissing is normally done in a church. Kissing on the lips is only for a family member, all others are merely allowed to give a peck on the cheek. Kissing is only done when saying goodbye. When I asked why he answered “Because we only kiss when we are very very sad.”

Brenn was talking about love in the car tonight. “I love [lovf  ] Papa…I love Jack…I love Mama…I love Grandma….(pause)…And also, myself.” (As he pats himself on the belly and sighs contentedly : )

After discovering that there wasn’t any toilet paper in the bathroom I yelled for Jack to bring me some. After what seemed like a significant wait the door open, and he thrust through a single sheet. Thus, “some” apparently means “one” in his mind….

Q & A with Brenn:
Q: “Where are going to go to school?” A: “Wendy’s”
Q: “What do you want to learn?” A: “How to hit walls with hammers”
Q: “So what are you going to do when you grow up?” A: “Kiss some girls!!”
I can’t find the line of reasoning here but he seemed to think that all of these made sense

Paul and I were talking on the way to church this morning with the boys chatting away in the back. Suddenly Jack interrupts our conversation with the bizarre question, “Papa, what do people normally DO with a dead squirrel?” Huh. Well. What indeed?

Jack just ran into the room and grandly announced, “Mama, (dramatic pause) the potty gulps down the pee water and spits out clean water!! Wow!!” (as if he just noticed this phenomenon)

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