Marriage Conversations: Whose Vacation is This Anyway?!

We are about to embark on a Snyder Family Vacation! Woot!

The next 24 hr might see us on a flight to Spain, or Belgium. Or maybe we’ll be headed to Germany, or possibly San Francisco. To find out, we must wait on those higher-ups who determine how many passengers are allowed to tag along on military flights headed, well, all over the place. This is why there are numerous ways in which the next 2-3 days could pan out.

It’s an adventure. (Paul shudders while I hug myself in glee : )

But I ask you, when some free flights beckon, how can one resist their siren calls?  One must try to use them! There is simply no other option.

So, I just prepare multiple plans for the next 10 days. Plan A is Spain. Plan B is Germany. Plan C is California. Plan D is Spain again (just later) and plan E….well, that’s the one where we pack up and head to Disneyworld to reward ourselves for trying valiantly : )

In the weeks leading up to this excursion, Paul and I have discussed our differing views on “relaxing.” Not surprisingly, what that word signifies to me and what it signifies to him differ, greatly.

So today we thought we’d talk through our ideas and maybe give you a glimpse into the delicate balance that is a Snyder Family vacation.

Listen for those moments when we 1) clarify our expectations, 2) seek to understand the other person’s perspective, 3) discuss methods for finding compromise and 4) generate ideas for ways to serve each other. Because it really is more blessed to give than to receive. Really. You have to trust Jesus on this : )

In the end, we’ll most likely have a good time. Fourteen years of practice does count for something. But perhaps your adventures together have just begun and perhaps they have been fraught with tension…unpleasantness…frustration, or something similar. Our hope is that maybe you’ll gain some good ideas for the future after watching us talk through this topic.

(Also, keep your eyes peeled. I think I’m going to use the blog to post pictures, etc, of our trip.)


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