Marriage Conversations: The Best Place to Argue is at a Marriage Conference, Right?



This video is shamefully late (we went to the retreat about a month ago) but that’s because between school, trips, events and life in general I’ve been learning how to use film editing software. And while the trial-and-error method of gaining a skill might be a time honored, it really does take FOR-EVER (a month, at least : )

So forgive the rough edges. I’m 36…and unlike my 10 year old, who found the trial software on my phone, took some videos, added audio/visual clips and created a remarkable tutorial on how to sneak up on a younger sibling and scary the living daylights out of them, it takes me more than a few hours to figure everything out. Hopefully the quality will improve with time.

Still, should the topic we discussed prove helpful to you, I’m including information about books and conferences that have helped Paul and I on our marriage journey (click on the images for more info.)  If you have anything that you think should be added, comment below. We love finding new resources! If you have any questions about the things listed, comment below! We’ll answer them in a timely (i.e. not a month later : ) manner.

Grace and Peace!






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