I Know There Was a Post Around Here Somewhere

Hi Everyone. So, I know that we’ve been a little silent on the blogging front lately. Liz and I hope to have a new post up tomorrow, but if our life continues at its current pace, it may end up being Monday. Between ministry for the Air Guard and a busy Christmas season at our local church (lots of music and tech stuff to help with), Liz and I have been swamped. So until our next post, here are a few links you may find helpful:


10 Ways that Satan Loves to Watch Marriages Fall Apart (This is a good reminder that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but that spiritual warfare takes on familiar forms.)

50 Date Ideas for Couples (Here’s a post for those of us who just need a place to start at the end of a tired week.)

The Shape of Complementarian Husbanding (While more could be said, this is a great, general corrective to the normal “complementarian” strawmen.)

How Many Children Should We Have? (Here is some clearer thinking about this subject than most articles I’ve come across.)

Marriage in Our Culture and According to the Bible (This will take some time investment, but it is well worth it. Kathy’s section starts at 26:00)


There, those should keep you busy for a little while at least :-) If you have any thoughts or opinions after reading an article, I’d enjoy reading your comments…may give us some ideas to work off of in the future!

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