Hello. It’s Been Awhile. So Here are Some Jackisms.

I always seem to offer up humor as a way of making amends for my long internet silence, don’t I? There’s probably some deep psychological reason for that but analyzing my psyche this late at night makes my head hurt. Mostly, I just want to give you a reason to chuckle.

So it’s been a rough few months. Much as happened, some great, some frustrating and some that were emotionally draining. In the past, difficult seasons of life have often caused my brain to go into overdrive and I wrote as a way of processing the situation. This time though, the difficult season has caused my mind to freeze up and stutter to frustrating halt. I can’t seem to write anything worth reading. As proof, there is an unsent newsletter that’s been sitting on my desktop for weeks now. It’s a pathetic little thing….all cliched and boring. It’s not getting emailed until I do some radical literary surgery.

But God is good. I know this. I see this goodness and I see his power as he works in my heart through various ways – music, writers, conversations with friends and most powerfully, through his word. Slowly, I can feel the wheels of my mind starting to turn again. And it makes me want to write, to process. To figure out why I think what I think and whether or not it’s the right thing to think at all!

Anyway, my first goal is to tear that newsletter down to it’s studs and do a total renovation. Once that’s done, I’ll start sharing some of my thoughts with you again. Thoughts like, “why did we decide to stop having kids?” “What does it mean to be ‘purposefully empty’?” “Why am I treating Meg differently than I treated the boys?” “How do I love people that I don’t see often?” among others.

However, until that time arrives I will, again, offer up the hilarious things my children say. I’m starting to see some glimmers of humor and snark in my little girl, which means that the next one of these posts might include some Megisms. Won’t that be something : )




“Mom,” Brenn sighs, gazing up at me with chin in his hands, “I just love her so much.” Me, “Who?” Brenn (dreamily), “A girl in my class. I love her hair. I love her voice. I love that she colors in the lines sooooo beautifully. I love everything about her.” Me, “Wow. What is her name?” Scrunching up his face, “Um. I forget.” Then he walks away. Hmmm, I wonder about the longevity of this relationship.

A clue that Jack is feeling just a tad emotionally labile: he just came up from downstairs where he and Brenn where watching “Chopped” and he is weeping. Between hiccups he whispers, “I wanted the other guy to win….” Hmmm, I think that a nap might be in order…

Just saw that Brenn’s sleeve was totally soaked. When I inquired as to the cause I discovered that he had been fishing money out of the local fountain : P

Paul and I were discussing a tutoring program on our way home tonight. Suddenly Brenn said, “Tooters!! Heheh….that’s so funny.” It took us a moment to catch the potty humor. Sheesh. Boys.

That sweet moment when, after entering the boy’s room to check on them, I go to drop a kiss on my sleeping son’s head and he suddenly opens his eyes and screams, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Go away! Go away!” and then begins to whimper : P

As I am taking a shower I hear a blood curdling scream. “Maaaamaaaaaa! It’s Meg! Come quick!!!!” So I do what every mother would do. I leap out of the shower, sopping wet, grab the nearest towel and tear downstairs yelling, “Where is she?! What happened?!” When I reach the living room Jack looks up and says, “Oh. Meg just stood up on her feet for a second. It was cool……Um, Mama? Why are you all wet?” …I love being a mother….

Brenn is having a conversation with Siri. It’s hilarious. Some of the gems recently “Siri, what is a Papa?” “Siri, why are you a girl?” “Siri, stop calling me Brendan!” (She did too. She learned his name and apologized for calling him Brendan…a little freaky) “Siri, I would like to go to the TEDed. Will you get me there?” (TEDed is a website) And lastly, “Siri! Why are you doing a web search? Stop that! Stop that!!..Arrgh…I mean, Siri, Stop that…PLEASE!” : )

I’m going through my “note” app looking for a phone number and I stumble across this gem of a memory that I wrote down while on our trip to Europe this summer. “Remember: Brenn’s fascination with cigarette butts (a lot of people smoke here). Attempted to “smoke” one before I yelled across a courtyard at him to drop it. Startled some smokers, ironically. Also, boys began to make farting noises in the lobby of a very quiet museum just as the receptionist whispered to me, “what lovely children you have.” So embarrassed.”

While driving home from preschool I asked Brenn about his day. “Oh, it was great. We had show and tell.” “Really?” “Yep! And Jacob brought in WHISKEY!!” “What??” “Yep!” “What was whiskey?” “Oh, it was a dog. A brown and grey dog.” “Brenn, do you mean *HUSKY*? Was his dog a husky?” (Pause) “YES! A Husky!” (And maybe the husky’s name was whiskey. Who knows. I’ll have to ask Jacob one day. Still. That would have been one calm preschool class : )

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