Coming soon….

Well, our summer break has come to a close. It was lovely (as a quick peak through my Instagram feed below will prove.) But onward and forward, right? And that includes working on our blog again! Look for new playlists (get a spotify account!), new book reviews and possibly some new “marriage situation” posts…in video format. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a conversation between Paul and me, then you might be interested in this new method of sharing our thoughts and insight. We’ll see. (I think it will be cool : )

Until then, feel free to browse back through some former posts. Some Jackisms for laughs, some playlists for encouragement, some exhortation from Paul and maybe an old marriage situation or two to give you a context for how Paul and I interact. Or don’t, and just wait to be amazed by what’s coming down the pike.

We hope that you had a wonderful summer! We did!



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