An Update for Anyone Passing By

197da91250b520e37412fad77646abccAs you might have noticed, the blog hasn’t seen much action over the last month. There is a good reason for this silence…although it has really ended up being many smaller reasons all bundled together and experienced simultaneously over the last few weeks which caused the neglect.  We plan to start writing again soon, really we do. God has been doing some significant things in our lives and we want to share with you some the lessons that we have been learning.

But until then, feel free to go and listen to some of the playlists that you might have overlooked or peruse our categories and find a few posts that jump out to you : )

We hope that you are all are having a wonderful summer and that you are daily seeing the grace of God grow in your hearts and lives. As soon as we get the show back on the road I’ll light up Facebook with the news : ) What would we do without social media?





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