Dear Friends,

So perhaps you’ve noticed that we neglected to put up a post this past Saturday. One of the things Liz and I have learned over our marriage is that God can change even the best of plans—even those meant to honor him. So when we got the opportunity on Friday to go out for free (yay for friends who will babysit!) it was something that we couldn’t pass up. Like most busy couples, we get so little time to ourselves that the chance to have an uninterrupted conversation at a decent hour was golden (can I get an amen!?). So that ate up much of our Friday evening.  We still managed to get the Friday post up, but didn’t realize that we wouldn’t have much time over the weekend to work together on a response since it was my weekend at Horsham Air Station (see about). Instead of throwing something together late Saturday evening and risk putting up a slipshod response, we decided to wait and write the post Sunday evening.  But as many of you might have noticed on Facebook, Liz’s granddad went into the hospital with heart failure and her family stayed at our house in order to be close. Now it’s Monday, and well, I think it would be best to push it off till this Friday and not risk our rhythm getting offbeat. You’ll still get a playlist tomorrow, and probably a personal post Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks for understanding!

Liz & Paul

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