There are many sites discussing theology, Christianity, mission, church, and etc. So why jump into blogging? Why add one more voice to the cacophony?

Well, first, Liz and I want to know God. We want him to be in our thoughts and the subject of discussions in our home. We want to help each other know him better. We’re hoping that writing this blog together will give each of us a better understanding of each other and of the God who saved us.

Second, Liz and I want to talk about God. We want to discuss him, we want to praise him, we want to be rivers of knowledge rather than puddles of knowledge. Knowing God is supposed to move from person to person.

Which brings me to our third goal: to encourage our local assembly. We desire to pour our lives out in effort for our local body. We want to strengthen the faith of the people around us. Our prayer is that these people (and anyone else who stumbles across our blog) will read, comment, and (hopefully) profit from our posts.

So, here are some ways or types of blogposts that will help us do the above:

1. Playlists: Liz and I want to create playlists that will be part of “teaching and admonishing one another” by “singing psalms and hymns and spirtual songs” (Col 3:16). So, if all goes according to plan, you should expect a new 10 song playlist on Tuesdays to address the joys and problems of life (praising God, dealing with suffering, overcoming fearfulness, etc.).

2. Family Issues: Liz and I also wanted to get practical with real-life situations which God has given us the grace to work through, so will be writing posts both about understanding marriage and about the way we’ve dealt with typical marriage situations. We will also share our thoughts on raising children for the glory of God. Over the 12+ years we’ve been married (and the 7+ years that we’ve had children) we’ve had many discussions (all very loving and gracious I assure you) about these situations. We wanted to give a taste for what these look like and what God has taught us through them.

3. Others: Liz and I will have other posts from time to time to be posted on other days of the week. These will include personal things God is teaching us, discussions of other blog posts, summaries of lessons taught at our church, and etc.

So there you have it. I hope we can be a blessing to you. Enjoy toknowhimtoday.com!