A Pop Quiz on Romance 101

I was watching a video clip of Mark Gungor (see below), and it reminded me of the various ways in which I tried/try to show Liz that I love her. So husbands, think you’ve got the romance thing locked up? Here’s a little true/false quiz for you:


True/False: It is more romantic to give your wife one Hershey’s Kiss every day for a week (total: 7 kisses) than to give her a big bag of them at the beginning of the week (total 30+).


True/False: It is more romantic to surprise your wife with a date night an hour before you go out than to tell her about it a week in advance.


True/False: You can spend less than 10 minutes on romance per day (for normal run of the mill days) and still be considered romantic by your wife.


True/False: When buying a gift for your wife, it is more romantic to get the highest quality gift with the most good reviews than to get a lesser gift that matches her décor.


True/False: An unexpected, quick kiss and hug in public is worth double the romantic points garnered from that kiss before you go to work in the morning.


True/False: Romantic gestures are on a sliding scale. The bigger the gesture the longer the romantic effects last.


True/False: Listening and responding to your wife as she tells you about her day is considered romantic.


Now, obviously what you and your spouse find romantic will be somewhat different than what Liz and I find romantic (we’ll ask for ideas at the end of our follow-up post). Mostly we just want to broach the subject and perhaps spur some conversations that get husbands and wives more on the same page than they were before our post.


And, please watch this video, it will be good for you and it’s funny:-):

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